Movalys MDK

Generate functional apps for any mobile platform from a UML model. Movalys MDK handles the hassle of writing the screens, controllers, model entities and database persistency of your app and lets you focus on user experience. 



Your logic, your style. 

Unlock the full potential of your platform. Your generated app code can be overridden to implement desired features and styles. Movalys MDK’s differential generation will ensure any future changes in model will not impact your own code.

Supported platforms:

Movalys_Logo_Exports-2-125   Android 4.0+
Movalys_Logo_Exports-1-125   iOS 8.0+
Movalys_Logo_Exports-3-125   Windows 8.1/10 (UAP)
Movalys_Logo_Exports-4-125   HTML5/CSS/AngularJS 1.4 + Cordova



Rapid Prototyping

Discuss and modify your prototypes with agility. Movalys MDK allows you to quickly generate a functional app whitout writing a single line of code, giving you a significant headstart in development. 



Standardize and industrialize your application development process. Movalys MDK helps you build consistency between your apps while allowing heavy customization. Set up a shared architecture for all your apps.




Customization is at the heart of Movalys MDK's features. All that is generated, from model entities to layout assets, can be modified according to your own standards in ergonomics and graphic design, and your product specifications.  


Responsive Design 

Movalys-powered apps are generated with out-of-the-box responsive capabilities. All device sizes and form factors will natively be supported by your product. You can also design different UX for different screen sizes.




The Movalys team works around the clock to anticipate and integrate mobile platforms and framework evolutions as soon as possible. Simplify and industrialize the upgrade process of all your applications just by updating the Movalys MDK framework.



Access native device APIs

Movalys apps have access to the full spectrum of features exposed by the underlying platform and device (photo, NFC beacons, mail, flashcode, phone…). Third-party APIs are also welcome and fully supported by Movalys MDK.


With Movalys MDK, accelerate your digital transformation with simplification and industrialization

The model-first approach in Movalys MDK allows you to systematically generate the same code patterns in your development.

  • Respect of design patterns and a common architecture.
  • Reuse of components between applications.
  • Maintainability: the constant framework upgrades allow you to easily implement new features for all your apps.
  • Boost your productivity:  you can smoothly switch between application development projects and pool your resources.